04.08.15HEART OF THE CITY to be RE-Released in full HD!

Great news! Heart Of The City is coming out in full HD! Yes, you heard me right!

Stay tuned for exciting updates regarding a brand new RE-RELEASE of our amazing film!

Jeff Saxton

06.10.13Heart Of The City - Church Screenings

We have been contacted to screen Heart Of The City at several churches in the Midwest. This is exciting - to get requests to buy license to screen the film in churches. It might be the way of the future for Faith-based films

Stay tuned for more updates

09.12.12CRASH N SUES Collaboration

Crash N Sues, one of the top film and commercial post houses in Minnesota, has agreed to partner with us and finish HEART OF THE CITY and produce an HD MASTER, and other formats as needed!

This is great news!

03.30.11Meta Tauta Films to partner with Heart Of The City

Meta Tauta films, a division of Crash N Sues, has agreed to help Heart of The City move forward. We are actively looking to find a larger distributor as well. More to Come!